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    Virginia Builders Right To Repair Current Law Summary:

    Current Law Summary: (HB558; H 150; §55-70.1) Warranty extension applicable to single-family but not HOAs: in addition to any other express or implied warranties; It requires registered or certified mail notice to "vendor" stating nature of claim; reasonable time not to exceed six months to "cure the defect".

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    A contractor's license is required for all trades. Separate boards license plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gas fitting, and asbestos trades.

    Construction Expert Witness Contractors Building Industry
    Association Directory
    Northern Virginia Building Industry Association
    Local # 4840
    3901 Centerview Dr Suite E
    Chantilly, VA 20151

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    The Top of Virginia Builders Association
    Local # 4883
    1182 Martinsburg Pike
    Winchester, VA 22603

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Shenandoah Valley Builders Association
    Local # 4848
    PO Box 1286
    Harrisonburg, VA 22803

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Piedmont Virginia Building Industry Association
    Local # 4890
    PO Box 897
    Culpeper, VA 22701

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Fredericksburg Area Builders Association
    Local # 4830
    3006 Lafayette Blvd
    Fredericksburg, VA 22408

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Augusta Home Builders Association Inc
    Local # 4804
    PO Box 36
    Waynesboro, VA 22980

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Blue Ridge Home Builders Association
    Local # 4809
    PO Box 7743
    Charlottesville, VA 22906

    Ashburn Virginia Construction Expert Witness 10/ 10

    Construction Expert Witness News and Information
    For Ashburn Virginia

    Weslaco, Texas Investigating Possible Fraudulent Contractor Invoices

    6,500 Bridges in Ohio Allegedly Functionally Obsolete or Structurally Deficient

    Justice Didn’t Ensure Mortgage Fraud Was Priority, IG Says

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    Architectural Democracy – Interview with Pedro Aibéo

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    New York Supreme Court Building Opening Delayed Again

    Granting Stay, Federal Court Reviews Construction Defect Coverage in Hawaii

    Ornate Las Vegas Palace Rented by Michael Jackson for Sale

    Fracking Fears Grow as Oklahoma Hit by More Earthquakes Than California

    Housing Stocks Rally at End of November

    Don’t Miss the 2015 West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar

    Construction Defect Class Action Lawsuit Alleges National Cover-up of Pipe Defects

    San Francisco House that Collapsed Not Built to Plan

    Gen Xers Choose to Rent rather than Buy

    Property Damage to Non-Defective Work Is Covered

    SNC-Lavalin’s Former Head of Construction Pleads Guilty to Bribery, Money Laundering

    Hake Law Attorneys Join National Law Firm Wilson Elser

    Were Quake Standards Illegally Altered for PG&E Nuclear Power Plant?

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    Golf Resorts Offering Yoga, Hovercraft Rides to the Green

    Defense Owed to Directors and Officers Despite Insured vs. Insured Exclusion

    Louisiana Court Applies Manifestation Trigger to Affirm Denial of Coverage

    Toll Plans to Boost New York Sales With Pricing, Incentives

    Brazil World Cup Soccer Crisis Deepens With Eighth Worker Death

    Cuomo Proposes $1.7 Billion Property-Tax Break for New York

    Construction Jobs Expected to Rise in Post-Hurricane Rebuilding

    Builders Beware: A New Class Of Defendants In Asbestos Lawsuits

    Residential Construction Rise Expected to Continue

    Job Growth Seen as Good News for North Carolina Housing Market

    Freddie Mac Eases Mortgage Rules to Limit Putbacks

    Suspend the Work, but Don’t Get Fired

    Paris ‘Locks of Love’ Overload Bridges, Threatening Structures

    Supreme Court of New York Denies Motion in all but One Cause of Action in Kikirov v. 355 Realty Assoc., et al.

    L.A. Mixes Grit With Glitz in Downtown Revamp: Cities

    Indemnity Clauses—What do they mean, and what should you be looking for?

    Insured's Motion for Reconsideration on Denial of Coverage Unsuccessful

    Should CGL Insurer have Duty to Defend Insured During Chapter 558 Notice of Construction Defects Process???

    Washington Supreme Court Sides with Lien Claimants in Williams v. Athletic Field

    What To Do When the Government is Slow to Decide a Claim?

    Plaintiff’s Mere Presence in Area Where Asbestos is Present Insufficient to Establish Bystander Exposure

    No Coverage for Faulty Workmanship Causing Property Damage to Insured's Product Only

    Newmeyer & Dillion Attorneys Selected to the 2016 Southern California Super Lawyers Lists

    Burden of Proof Under All-Risk Property Insurance Policy

    The Hidden Dangers of Construction Defect Litigation: A Redux

    Insurers Get “Floored” by Court of Appeals Regarding the Presumptive Measure of Damages in Consent Judgments

    San Diego: Compromise Reached in Fee Increases for Affordable Housing

    Insurer's Summary Judgment Motion on Business Risk Exclusions Fails

    2018 Super Bowl US. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

    Wharf Holdings to Sell Entire Sino-Ocean Stake for $284 Million
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    The Ashburn, Virginia Construction Expert Witness Group at BHA, leverages from the experience gained through more than 5,500 construction related expert witness designations encompassing a wide spectrum of construction related disputes. Leveraging from this considerable body of experience, BHA provides construction related trial support and expert services to Ashburn's most recognized construction litigation practitioners, commercial general liability carriers, owners, construction practice groups, as well as a variety of state and local government agencies.

    Construction Expert Witness News & Info
    Ashburn, Virginia

    London's Walkie Talkie Tower Voted Britain's Worst New Building

    September 03, 2015 —
    The skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street in the City of London, nicknamed the Walkie Talkie, is the worst new building in Britain, according to a panel assembled by Building Design magazine. The 37-story tower, designed by Rafael Vinoly, was made famous two years ago when a beam of light reflected from the building melted parts of a Jaguar sports car. The problem has since been remedied by developers Land Securities Group Plc and Canary Wharf Group Plc. It is a challenge finding anyone who has something positive to say about this building,” Thomas Lane, editor of the magazine for architects, said in a statement on Thursday. “Londoners now have to suffer views of this bloated carbuncle crashing into London’s historic skyline like an unwelcome guest at a party from miles away.” Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Neil Callanan, Bloomberg

    Do You Have an Innovation Strategy?

    November 08, 2017 —
    Construction and engineering are among the top five industries ripe for disruption according to research by PwC. Will innovation come from tech companies and startups, or could established firms be proactive? For Granlund, founded in 1960, innovation is a strategic essential and a core competency. Granlund is a Finnish design, consultancy, and software services firm specializing in energy efficiency. It employs more than 800 people in 20 locations in Finland and in its offices in Shanghai and Dubai. The company is known internationally for being in the vanguard of building information modeling and for real estate management software development. Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business
    Mr. Heiskanen may be contacted at

    Construction Defect Bill Removed from Committee Calendar

    February 12, 2013 —
    Colorado State Senator Mark Scheffel has removed Senate Bill 13-052 from the Senate Judiciary Committee’s calendar because he feels an upcoming study on construction near transit centers will be important for the consideration of the bill. SB 13-052 would affect construction defect claims in communities that were within a half mile of public transportation. Critics claim it would gut construction defect protections, as even a bus stop would count as a “mass transit center.” Scheffel says he doesn’t know what the study will find, but says that whether he likes or hates it, it will be relevant. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of

    CSLB Releases New Forms and Announces New Fees!

    April 05, 2017 —
    The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB”) has issued new application forms. Effective May 1, 2017, the CSLB will only accept forms with a revision date of October 2017 (Pro tip: see bottom of form to verify it indicates a revision date of “10/16” or later). Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Garret Murai, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean LLP
    Mr. Murai may be contacted at

    While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to Solar

    October 29, 2014 —
    Every time fossil fuels get cheaper, people lose interest in solar deployment. That may be about to change. After years of struggling against cheap natural gas prices and variable subsidies, solar electricity is on track to be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in 47 U.S. states -- in 2016, according to a Deutsche Bank report published this week. That’s assuming the U.S. maintains its 30 percent tax credit on system costs, which is set to expire that same year. Even if the tax credit drops to 10 percent, solar will soon reach price parity with conventional electricity in well over half the nation: 36 states. Gone are the days when solar panels were an exotic plaything of Earth-loving rich people. Solar is becoming mainstream, and prices will continue to drop as the technology improves and financing becomes more affordable, according to the report. Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Tom Randall, Bloomberg
    Mr. Randall may be contacted at

    David M. McLain named Law Week Colorado’s 2015 Barrister’s Best Construction Defects Lawyer for Defendants

    September 17, 2015 —
    It is my sincere pleasure to announce Law Week Colorado named my friend and partner, Dave McLain, as the 2015 Barrister’s Best Construction Defects Lawyer for Defendants. Law Week Colorado’s summary of David’s accomplishments includes the following recognition:
    David McLain has set himself apart in the heated area of construction defects litigation as a founding member of his firm and as a member of several associations that serve developers. As one of the most connected and most vocal members of this area of law, we certainly know whom to go to when the construction defects issue inevitably bubbles up again.
    I can say with pride and certainty, that there is no one more deserving of such recognition in the legal and construction community than David. I have had the honor of working side by side with David since he began practicing law. Together, fourteen years ago, we founded Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell, LLC with a vision of serving the construction industry at the highest level. Our firm’s Mission Statement states that “HHMR exists to embody and exemplify the principles of service and stewardship. In everything we do, we focus on serving our clients selflessly and to the best of our ability.” David lives our values each and every day. Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of Sheri Roswell, Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell, LLC
    Ms. Roswell may be contacted at

    Little Known Florida Venue Statue Benefitting Resident Contractors

    June 30, 2016 —
    When it comes to venue, there is a rather unknown venue statute that benefits resident contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers working on Florida projects. This statute, Fla. Stat. s. 47.025, states: Any venue provision in a contract for improvement to real property which requires legal action involving a resident contractor, subcontractor, sub-subcontractor, or materialman, as defined in part I of chapter 713, to be brought outside this state is void as a matter of public policy. To the extent that the venue provision in the contract is void under this section, any legal action arising out of that contract shall be brought only in this state in the county where the defendant resides, where the cause of action accrued, or where the property in litigation is located, unless, after the dispute arises, the parties stipulate to another venue. Read the court decision
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    Reprinted courtesy of David M. Adelstein, Kirwin Norris
    Mr. Adelstein may be contacted at

    LEED Certified Courthouse Square Negotiating With Insurers, Mulling Over Demolition

    June 06, 2011 —

    Apparently, Courthouse Square is still unresolved. The County hasnow hired an attorney to handle its insurance claim against Affiliated FM. Is there a lawsuit coming?

    Right now, no lawsuit is expected. According to officials, the insurer has been acting in good faith. But, its been quite a while since Salem officials learned that the Courthouse Square building had significant concrete issues that would result in probable demolition of the LEED certified building.

    If you have yet to hear about Courthouse Square, let me fill you in briefly. The Salem building was substantially completed in 2000 and LEED certified by the US Green Building Council in 2002. The project cost more than $30 Million to complete and the building was revered for its innovation as a crowning achievement for city leaders.

    But, structural problems in the building’s core were discovered as early as 2002, writes Chris Cheatham of Green Building Law Update. Final tests earlier in the year, determined that the building had to be vacated. The building has been clear since July 2010.

    Read the full story…

    Reprinted courtesy of Douglas Reiser of Reiser Legal LLC. Mr. Reiser can be contacted at

    Read the court decision
    Read the full story...
    Reprinted courtesy of